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April 14th 2013 Health clinic in MO!!! Ava and Jake Hips/Elbows/Patella done and Jake cleared his eyes again today!!!! All looks GREAT!!!

Waiting for the kids to wake up so they can go home!!!! Both Ava and Jake now have Hips, Elbows, Eyes, Cardio, Patella, and PN clearances

all CURRENT 2013!!! Waiting for results on the hips, should at least a good!!!!


I am very please to announce the following results for 6 of my guys here @ Ice Age Kennel for Alaskan Malamute Polyneuropathy (AMPN).

This also means that the breeding that was just done of Ratchet x Holly will be PN free as will be all their offspring!!!!!! Puppies due mid April!!!!!

Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There For You - Phoebe - Result: Genotype N/N (Free)

Ch Ice Age's Bust A Nut - Ratchet - Result: Genotype N...
/N (Free)

Ch Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake - Result: Genotype N/N (Free)

Ice Age's Spit Fyre - Fyre - Result: Genotype N/N (Free)

Win One's Heart Inditarod - Holly - Result: Genotype N/N (Free)

Snowhawk's It's An Avalanche - Ava - Result: Genotype N/N (Free)


Hawk Takes Back to Back BOB wins at the Columbia, MO show in March!


Snowhawk's It's An Avalanche - Ava, Her first time back in the ring with me as her new owner!  


Jake gets the first two legs of his WWPD @ the Gateway Sled Dog Club, St. Louis, Missouri on Jan. 19-20th, 2013.

Jake pulled 1,552# on Sat. Feb 16th at Gateway Sled Dog Club, St. Louis, Missouri for the 3rd leg of his WWPD

and Feb 17th he amazed me by pulling 1,776# for an X-leg!!! This is only the 2nd time I have weight pulled Jake, he is still trying

to put it all together, but I could not be more happy with him!!!! We can now put a WWPD at the end of his name,way to go buddy!!!!


Ava, Taking a try at weight pulling!


Jake with Ava @ the 2013 IAMRA sled ride for rescue!!!!


Ratchet and Holly @ 2013 IAMRA Sled Ride for Rescue!!!


Ratchet finished his Iron Dog Grand Ch on Jan. 19th, 2013 at the WI pull with Co-owner Connie Powell



New AKC Ch @ Ice Age!!! Jake takes Winners Dog at the Belleville, MO show on Dec 1st, 2012  for his last point to finish his AKC Ch!

This win makes Jake our 3rd Bred-By AKC Ch in the last 2yrs and our 10th AKC Ch in all!   This same day we also welcome a new member

to the pack, Snowhawk's It's An Avalanche - Ava ! Ava comes to us  little older then most our kids, but when I had the chance to bring Ava

home I could not turn her down, what a stunning young bitch!


Jake takes BOB and RUBIS Bred-By on his way to finishing his Inter. Ch the weekend of Nov 10th-11th!


Multi Ch Ice Age's Bust A Nut AKA Ratchet has earned is Iron Dog Ch and won the 1st Dog National weight pull event!


Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake, takes Winners, Best of Winners and Best of Breed Sat. 10/20 at the Springfield IL Show!!!


Ice's Age's Jack Knife - Jake, takes Winners Dog and BOB all three days at the Lincoln, NE show, 10/5 - 10/7!!!


Wings of the Hawk Inditarod - Hawk took Winners dog today for another 2pts for his AKC Ch. That is four points
for this guy in two shows, Hawk is off to a great start this year, way to go!!! Samantha Lewis has done an amazing
job with Hawk both in training and showing!!!! I would like to thank all my co-owners for a GREAT weekend!!!!
Hawk is OFA Excellent - Elbows Normal - CERF Clear - Cardio Clear
Ice Age's Bust A Nut - Ratchet takes Winners, Best of Winners, Best of Breed all three days that he was shown
at the Bloomington, IL show and on Mon. 6/28 he pulled off a Group IV!!! This win puts him in the Top 20 for the
Breed for 2012!!! Breeder/Owner/Handler
[STATS for 2012 · Starting from January 1, 2012 up to and including May 31, 2012.]

Standing Name Points Owner
1 GCH CH Catanyas Latin Lover 5508 P Kendrisk/A Martinez/A Syar/M Stone
2 GCH CH Tugar's America's Most Wanted 964 K Hausner/S Das
3 GCH CH Samaljankan's I'M The One At Nyrakym 765 K Colman/J Nirhamo
4 GCH CH Kaviak's Lord Of The Dance 503 M Richards
5 GCH CH Alcan Come Snodanc W...
ith Me 464 D Mccomb/D Ragsdale
6 GCH CH Catera's Funfast N Worldclass 311 A Volkomener/n Volkomener
7 GCH CH Koolrunnings'N'Terraglos'U'Can'T Touch This 278 G Toussaint/T Toussaint
8 GCH CH Canute's U Talking To Me 212 A Welch
9 GCH CH Storm Kloud's Test Of Time 211 J El Dissi
10 GCH CH Nfoakixa Over The Rainbow 210 A Mayberry-Welch/R Roffey
11 GCH CH Wolfmtn Luckysky Bze Be'N Fabulous 203 S Spurling/P Jenkins
12 GCH CH Wolfmountain's Warhammer 167 P Jenkins/E Jenkins
13 GCH CH Awanuna's Tornado Of Snow 166 B Pfeiffer/R Pfeiffer
14 GCH CH Weir River's Licensed To Carry 153 P Cronk/M Cronk
15 CH Jazzland Rain On Quileute 150 J Dewing/R Dysart
16 CH Bearhug's Artic Bob Cat 144 J De Andrade
17 GCH CH Amook's A Day At The Races 140 C Mcfarland
18 GCH CH Kloud Burst's Strait From The Heart 77 R Deutsch/R Deutsch
19 Ice Age's Bust A Nut 76 C Powell/L Powell/K Adkinson
20 GCH CH Illusions Beyond Imagination 61 P Fusco/J Fusco
Mult. BIS Bred-By, Mult. Group Placer, Inter. Ch, Multi. Group Placer UKC Ch, BOB/BOS/BOSS AKC Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You - Phoebe......            
What an AMAZING year 2011 was for this young bitch!!! Phoebe finished her AKC Ch. in mid Sept. taking Winners/BOW/BOS to become the first Ch. with my kennel name " Ice Age" , Phoebe was completely shown and finished from the Bred-By Class! Phoebe's Very first show as a Ch. was at the 2011 AMCA Reg/Nat Specality Show in Ann Arbor, MI. Phoebe pulled off the unthinkable and took Best of Opposite Sex at the Reg. show under Breeder/Owner/Handler Judge Robin Hug!!! We would like to thank Robin for this AMAZING HONOR!!!






GCH Catanyas Latin Lover


P Kendrick/

A Martinez/

A Syar




GCH Nfoakixa Over The Rainbow


A Mayberry-Welch/

R Roffey



GCH Tugar’s America’s Most Wanted


K Hausner/

S Das




GCH Pale Moon’s Lady’s A Charm


M Park/

J Park/S Park



GCH Canute’s U Talking To Me


A Welch




CH Banshee’s Dynamite Diva


X Santiago/

C Way



GCH Ice Fall’s Rough Stock


L Ryer/

T Szabo




GCH Onan’s Promises Promises


P Hazelwood/

K Lesley/

C Carroll



CH Miatuk’s Ghost Ryder


L Conley/

D McLaughlin




GCH Snopeak’s Arctic Princess


B White/

A White



CH Winterchill’s Cruz’N Spirit


G Robertson




GCH Istari’s Epic Trilogee


H Schultz



GCH Awanuna’s Tornado Of Snow


B Pfeiffer/

R Pfeiffer




GCH Silverice’s Making Waves


A Syar/

M Stone



GCH Storm Runners Spirit Of The Wind


L Rogowski




GCH Nyrakym Skywalker Samaljankan


K Colman/

J Nirhamo



GCH Sno Klassic Back Door Man


P Peel/M Peel




CH Ice Age's I'll Be There For You


K Adkinson/R Nelson



GCH Gryphon’s Northern Celtic Moon


C Rowe/

R McCowen




GCH Ggm’s Street Smart


K Schmidt


Ice Age's Bust A Nut - Ratchet takes Winner/BOW at the Crown Point, IN show on April 14th to single out. Ratchet
has those majors to go after to finish his AKC Ch. Ratchet ends the 2011 Weight pull season with the Gold in the
IWPA Standings!!!! 
Hawk take back to back BOB wins for his first two points, his first weekend in the show ring at the Columbia, MO show!!!
Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There For You - Phoebe takes BOSS @ The AMCA 2011 Reg. Show under Breeder/Owner/Handler Judge Robin Hug!!! This Win should put Phoebe in the Top 20 AMCA Breed Standings, we can't wait for the next results to come out!!!
2011-2012 Top 20 standings as of October 31, 2011.
1 GCh Nfoakixa Over The Rainbow (B) 298 SO A Mayberry-Welch/R Roffey
2 GCh Catanya's Latin Lover (D) 257 WC P Kendrick/A Martinez/A Syar
3 Ch Miatuk's Ghost Rider (D) 242 L Conley/D McLaughlin
4 Ch Winterchill's Cruz'n Spirit (D) 213 G Robertson
5 Ch Banshee's Dynamite Diva (B) 185 NY/NJ X Santiago/C Way
6 GCh Ice Fall's Rough Stock (D) 145 IL/WI L Ryer/T Szabo
7 GCh Canute's U Talking To Me (D) 142 SO A Mayberry-Welch
8 GCh Silverice's Making Waves (B) 134 WC A Syar/M Stone
9 GCh Gryphon's Northern Celtic Moon (D) 126 PNW C Rowe
10 Ch Storm Runners Spirit of the Wind (D) 112 RM L Rogowski
10 Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There For You (B) 112 R Nelson/K Adkinson
12 GCh Awanuna's Tornado of Snow (D) 108 IL/WI B Pfeiffer/R Pfeiffer
13 GCh Catera's Funfast N Worldclass (D) 101 IL/WI A Volkamener/N Volkamener
14 GCh Illusion's Beyond Imagination (D) 99 GL P Fusco/J Fusco
15 Ch. GGM's Street Smart (B) 88 GL K Schmidt
16 Ch Peace River's She's All That (B) 84 PNW M Coburn
17 GCh Istari's Epic Trilogee (B) 83 IL/WI H Schultz
18 GCh Kasaan's Royal Fortune (B) 83 IL/WI D Roberts-Burill/B McMahon-Howen
19 GCh Storm Kloud's Kindred Spirit (B) 79 RM N Russell
20 GCh Winter Park's First Time's A Charm (B) 76 ME M Park/J Park/S Park

Ice Age's Bust A Nut - Ratchet finishes his UKC Ch. in early Oct. with a Res. Best in Show Win!!! 
Ratchet takes 1st in Class and Highest Weight Pulled at both the AMCA Reg and Nat Show in Ann Arbor, MI - Oct. 2011, with co-owner Connie Powell! Ratchet's Highest Pull of the two shows was 3,320# in about 11 1/2 seconds!!!! Ratchet went on to take 1st in the Working Dog Class @ the Reg. show, Breeder/Owner handled!!!!
Ice Age's I'll be There For You - Phoebe took Winners Bitch for a 1pt and then went on to Best of Winners for her 2nd major to finish her AKC Ch in Gray Summit, Mo on Sept. 17th!!!!! I would like to thank Maria and Randy for co-owning one of my babies with me, it has been a joy to show Phoebe to her Multi. Championships, she has taken some amazing wins along the way!!!  Phoebe has become my 8th AKC Ch. and the 1st Ch. with my Kennel name of Ice Age, Phoebe is now Multi Group Placer - UKC Ch, Multi BIS Bred-By Adult - Inter Ch, AKC Ch Ice Age I'll Be There For You!!!  We could not be more thrilled with our first home bred Champion!!!

CH Ice Age's I'll Be There For You - WS29952302

  Conformation - Awards Processed Through 17-SEP-2011
Number of Points 15
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 8
Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake take Winners Dog for his 2nd Major in Gray Summit, MO on Sept. 17th at just under 7 1/2 months old!!! Jake now has 10pts and both his majors in four shows!!!

Ice Age's Jack Knife - WS37980801

  Conformation - Awards Processed Through 17-SEP-2011
Number of Points 10
Number Major Wins 2
Number Major Judges 2
Total Number Judges 5


Three Rivers Kennel Club of Missouri (1)

JUDGE: Mr Robert J Caswell Jr
5 STORM KLOUD'S VALIANT BLACKHAWK WARRIOR. WS363427/01. 01/05/2011. BREEDER: Nancy C Russell. By Ch Storm Kloud's Oomiak CD-Ch Storm Kloud's Kindred Spirit. OWNER: John Podolak & Michelle Podolak.
9 ILLUSION'S ARCTIC WANDERER. WS366360/01. 02/07/2011. BREEDER: Tammy Lehman Reagan Lehman & Pamela Fusco. By Illusions's Hidden in Plain Sight-Illusion's Jasmine of Sno Squall. OWNER: Mike Barnes and Eileen Barnes.
17 ICE AGE'S JACK KNIFE. WS379808/01. 01/30/2011. BREEDER: Kim Adkinson / Jesse James Beck. By Wings Of The Hawk Inditarod-Ice Age's Double Take. OWNER: Kim Adkinson / Jesse James Beck.
ALASKAN MALAMUTES, Twelve To Eighteen Month Dogs .
7 IXA'S USCG OVERLAND EXPEDITION. WS338446/03. 04/16/2010. BREEDER: Ann Mayberry-Welch&Robert J Roffey&Cindy Uraynar. By Ch Oakiok's Final Answer-Ch NFOAKIXA Over the Rainbow. OWNER: John & Michelle Podolak.
ALASKAN MALAMUTES, Bred-By-Exhibitor Dogs .
11 FIRESTORM'S DREAM QUEST. WS307890/01. 06/11/2009. BREEDER: Owenr & Suzanne Bedell. By Ch Vykon's Hairy Potter CD RN-Kumata's In Your Dreams. OWNER: Kathy Raynes.
6 SNOWHAWK'S IT'S AN AVALANCHE. WS365379/03. 01/10/2011. BREEDER: Scott C Thibodeaux & Angela Thibodeaux. By Ch Wild Winds Grizzly Of Snowhawk-Ch Windswept's Kick It Up A Notch. OWNER: Scott C Thibodeaux & Angela Thibodeaux.
ALASKAN MALAMUTES, Bred-By-Exhibitor Bitches .
10 ICE AGE'S I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU. WS299523/02. 04/13/2009. BREEDER: Kim Adkinson. By Ch Firestorm's Master Chief-Ch La Grande Bella Inditarod. OWNER: Kim Adkinson & Randal Nelson.
8 FIRESTORMS SNO N ICE SHES ALL THAT. WS307890/03. 06/11/2009. BREEDER: Kathy Raynes & Suzanne Bedell. By Ch Vykon's Hairy Potter CD-Kumata's In Your Dreams. OWNER: Kathy Raynes.
ALASKAN MALAMUTES, Best of Breed Competition .
15 CH WINWARD JEE JAC'S CHILL'N WITH FLINT. WS286311/02. 07/28/2008. Dog. BREEDER: Owners. By Ch Winwards Shotgun Justice-Ch Jee Jacs Ring N' The Bell. OWNER: Diana Edwards & Mike Lauridson.

Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake take Winners Dog and BOW in Kenosha, WI for a 4pt major on Sept. 10th and Res. Winners Dog to a 4pt Major on Sept. 11th!!!
Multi. BIS Bred-By Puppy - Nat. / Inter. Baby Ch. Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake.....
Winners, BOWs and BOB all three days of the Burlington, IA show at six months old!!!!!

Mult. Bred-By BIS Puppy, Mult. Group Placer, Nat. / Inter. Baby Ch. Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake.....
Mult. Bred-By BIS Puppy, Mult. Puppy Group Placer all before the age of five months old at the Internation All Breed Canine Show!!! Jake takes BOB Puppy for all four Reg. shows, Two Puppy Group I wins and a Puppy Group III. Jake takes BOB all four of the Bred-By Exibitor shows, a Bred-By Puppy Group III, a Bred-By Puppy Group II, two Bred-By Puppy Group I wins and two BIS Bred-By puppy wins!!!  
RBIS Jr Nat./Inter. Ch Ice Age's Bust A Nut, WWPD, WWPDX, WWPDS - Ratchet at The Iron Dog Charity Pull for
The IL Alaskan Malamute Rescue As. 1st in his class and highest weight pulled!!!!
Mult. Bred-By BIS, Mult. Group Placer, Inter. Ch, UKC Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You - Phoebe, took Res. Winners Bitch
two out of three days to 4pt majors and 2nd in her class the 3rd day at the Jefferson, WI show!
Ice Age's Jack Knife - Jake..... New member Jake has joined our pack!!!
Ratchet had a great weekend in Des Moines, IA. Sat 1/22, he went Winners dog for a point his first time back in the ring after eight months and  Sun. 1/23, he took Winners dog and BOB for 2pts!!! What a great young dog one weekend he pulls almost 3000lbs and the next I spend the whole weekend trying to get him to stop pulling!
Ratchet gets his 1st leg (2,448 lbs) 1/15/11 and 2nd leg (2,672 lbs) of his WWPDX also most weight pulled on Sun. 1/16/11 at the
Gateway Sled Dog Club in St. Louis, MO.
Ratchet and Phoebe in Frankfort, IL IAMRA sled ride for rescue on 1/9/11
Inter. and UKC Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You - Phoebe, takes Winners/ BOW for a 4pt Major at the Rosemont, IL 
on 12/18/10 picking up her last single point and her first Major all in one shot!!! Phoebe just needs that last major to
finish her AKC Ch.
Mult. Bred-By BIS Winner and Group Placer, Inter. Ch, UKC Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There for You - Phoebe
Inter. Ch, Mult. Bred-By BIS Winner, Bred-By Group Placer and BOB Bred-By Winner. BOB Winner and Group Placer, over a Special from the Bred-By Class 
Res. BIS Bred-By Puppy and Mult. Bred-By Puppy Group Placer, National / Inter. Jr Ch Ice Age's Bust A Nut, WWPD
Ice Age's I'll Be There For You - Phoebe
Phoebe take Winners Bitch for another point at the Springfield, MO show on Nov. 13th and on Sun. Nov. 14th Phoebe takes Winners Bitch
and BOS over a top 10 bitch for another two points!!! We could not have been more proud of our little girl!!!
Ice Age's Bust a Nut, WWPD - Ratchet
Ratchet takes the 3rd leg of his working dog title on 10/23/10 pulling 1,340# in 5.66 seconds and the 4th leg of his WWPD on 10/24/10
at the age of 1year 12 days old. He was stopped after pulling 2,040# in 13.25 seconds.
Ice Age's Bust a Nut - Ratchet
Ratchet earns his first two legs for his WWPD title at his first weekend out after his 1st birthday!!!
Ratchet's first weight pull, his 1st and 2nd legs for his WWPD, 3rd in class on Sat. 10/16 and 2nd in class on Sun. 10/17
UKC Ch Ice Age's I'll Be There For You  - Phoebe
Phoebe got her UKC Ch at the Illinios Toy Fox Terrier Ass. All Breed Show the weekend of 10/9 - 10/10.  
4 x First in Class, 4 x Best Female, 4 x BOB, 2 x Group II, and 2 x Group I

Even out half out of coat she is still the bomb!!!!!    


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